How to Shave Your Head Properly

Are you suffering from the inferiority complex that you are going to be a bald soon? Or all your hair are falling apart? Or you are feeling uncomfortable in the boiling sun of summer? Don’t pay any heed to anybody or don’t think twice. Just shave your head to get rid of these problems. There are many ways to shave your head. In the market different types of devices are available. You can use best electric shaver for head to shave it properly without any difficulties. Shaved heads are the new fashion of modern days. So, don’t hesitate and shave your head with proper care.

What common mistakes do people make while shaving head?

Head shaving is a delicate thing, and most of the people make silly mistakes while shaving their head. Mainly people make errors in several stages of shaving their head. Firstly they choose bad razors or dangerous blades which result in the cut. Moreover, they don’t treat the scalp as it is more sensitive than the facial skin. After shaving the head, the rub it which is very wrong and also forgets to use the aftershave.

How can you shave your head properly?

  • Get all things prepared
    To shave your head Firstly, you need to get all the things required. Things necessary for shaving head are blades, a good razor, shaving lubricant or foams, hot water, cold water, towel and all the first important things. If you have a friend to do it or if you want to do all by yourself then decide it and proceed according to it. Then prepare your bathroom and get ready to have a shave.


  • Wet your head
    After getting all things ready, wet your hair. Have a shower if you can see which will make your hair soft as well as your scalp. Moreover, it will be much easier for your razor if the scalp and hair are soft. It will reduce the chances of razor bumps or ingrown hair.


  • Apply shaving lubricant
    After wetting your hair with hot water, apply shaving lubricant in your head. Rub your head thoroughly with shaving oil and keep it near.


  • Start from front
    Always start shaving from the front of your head. In the front side, hairs are thinner, and these hair are easy to shave. Be steady and stroke it firmly. Give enough pressure to ensure a close shave. Rinse the blade to remove water as often as possible.


  • Look for sides too
    Start upward from your neck to shave off the sides. Be careful while shaving around the ears behind of ears. Hold your ears with one hand to get rid of getting nicks with the razor.


  • Shaving back of the head:
    It’s one of the toughest jobs as you cannot see the back of your head by steady and start from the neck to reach the top of your head. Allow the razor to do its job smoothly. Finally, use a mirror and check the progress. Use necessary shaving cream or oil to finish it up.


  • Rinsing and Applying aftershave:
    The first thing after you finish with your razor is to wash your head. Rinse with cold water and look in the mirror at all sides. If you miss any spot, go over that quickly. Don’t go twice over your scalp. Use a moisturizing aftershave and protect your scalp.


Shaving your head is not that easy as it seems.By following steps described in the above, you can get a good shave of your head. With the help of proper things, you can easily avoid the common mistakes that people make while shaving their head. Moreover always try to avoid chemicals on your head which can damage your scalp. Keep a washcloth within your reach. It helps immensely to wipe off sweat, or shaving gel, cream, oil and keep your eyes free. So have a cut free shave off your head with proper care. Enjoy the fresh air on your scalp.