How to Choose Baby Equipment

Yey, new baby on the way! What a great feeling!  But tensed because you still haven’t made any preparation to welcome your new family member?

Just because you don’t know how to pick baby equipment! Don’t worry, we can give you some tips!

  1. Look for a Bassinet

Yes, the first thing you need to consider buying is a bassinet. Because after baby’s birth, you have to put her on her back somewhere and you need a bassinet for this purpose. When looking for a bassinet, make sure there’s enough room for baby to spread her arms and legs. The walls shouldn’t be a source of suffocation. And it should have a good support on baby’s back.

  1. Towels

Towels are obviously needed after baby’s birth, to clean her and wrap her around. Don’t go for a fancy attire, give convenience your full priority. The towel should be soft and gentle on baby’s skin. And it should be made of such fabric that is convenient for a newborn.

  1. Clothing

You’ll need some good clothes for your newborn. Well, since the baby was in the womb for nine months, she requires same kind of warmth here too at first. Later her body will adjust gradually. But for the first part, choose clothes that will provide the warmth the newborn needs. In this case, go with pajamas, onesies, stretch suits, socks and hats. These things will be enough for a baby born in summer, spring or fall.

But in winter, since the temperature is very low, only these things won’t do. If you’re having a winter baby, look for some sweatshirts and blanket sleepers as well.

For summer, must have some cotton clothes. Because after adjusting to the room temperature, sometimes the baby will need to be dressed lightly. Otherwise she will feel uncomfortable, will sweat and rash can occur as well.

  1. Crib

Instead of bassinets, some people prefer to keep the baby in the crib from the very first day. If you’re willing to do the same, then you shall. When you’re choosing a crib, you must focus on its construction.

Because a crib must be strongly constructed to support the baby. It should be also spacious enough for a growing baby and playing convenience.

  1. Bedding

Well, a piece of ‘furniture’ isn’t enough for baby’s sleep. A proper bedding is also required. Choose soft mattress for baby’s back. There should be soft pillow for baby’s head and light but warm blanket.

  1. Feeding Equipment

Another important thing in baby’s life: feeding equipment. Because baby has only two works to do every day, eating and sleeping. You must bring a support pillow for breast feeding, a feeding bottle and breast milk pump for feeding convenience. The pillow must be soft but strong enough to support baby’s neck. The bottle and pump should be made from non-toxic materials.

  1. Playpen

When your baby will learn to move her arms and legs, eventually she’ll try to move and play. But many accidents can occur during her playtime and it won’t be possible for you to always keep an eye on her.

To avoid the risks, you must put her in a playpen when she is woke. The playpen should be well constructed and made of stiff materials. Also, it must come with a good support.

  1. Carriage

You’ll need a carriage to take your baby places. Three things you should focus on while selecting: Its bottom has to be very strong, the handle has to be tear-resistant and the inside must be comfortable for the baby.

  1. Stroller

When you’re shopping for a stroller, you must look forward to these stuffs: the strolling function should be smooth, it must provide with a good support, the inside will be comfortable, will have a good hood and feature pockets for carrying necessary stuffs.

  1. High Chair

High chair will be needed in couple of months after baby’s birth. Buy a high chair that can provide strong support to your baby’s back, should have a durable food tray and will have necessary safety features for baby’s protection.

  1. Nourishing Products

For baby’s skin nourishment, some products have to be bought. These products are baby soap, baby shampoo, lotion, ointment and baby oil. Only buy the products that are clinically certified and suggested by experts.