How to Whiten Teeth Naturally with Fruits

From over the counter to professional treatment, there are a lot of teeth whitening remedies are available. Few products are claimed to whiten teeth instantly which may contain harsh chemicals. Every chemical that is used to whiten teeth has their own side effects. Some of them cannot whiten all of your teeth homogenously, on the other hand, some may cause teeth sensitivity.

You definitely want to come out from this problem and is looking for a gentler way to get a bright smile. In that case, you can rely on natural remedies that will whiten your teeth and at the same time protect your teeth from any kind of harm.

There are many fruits and vegetables available around us that contain teeth whitening components. In this article, we have included few fruits and described about how to whiten teeth naturally with fruits. You may give a try yourself. Best Teeth Whitening Solution has some great teeth whitening products to whiten teeth instantly.


Apple is a crunchy fruit. And eating this fruit requires biting and a lot of chewing which gently scrubs away debris, stains and bacteria from mouth. Apple also contain malic acid that increases saliva and helps cleaning teeth and removing stains. So, try to eat an apple everyday.


Strawberry can whiten teeth naturally. It contains malic acid which can help to reduce the stain causing bacteria in your mouth and remove surface discoloration of teeth. Besides, the vitamin C of strawberries also aids in removing dental plaque.

To try this remedy, mash str5awberries into fine paste and then apply it to your teeth. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and then rinse. But, don’t forget to brush your teeth after using this remedy.


Pineapple naturally contains an enzyme named bromelain which has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties that helps removing plaque from the surface of the teeth. Bromelain is also used in many toothpastes as an effective ingredients for stain removing. Consuming pineapple regularly prevents tooth cavities and makes teeth brighter and healthier.


Citrus fruit like orange is also used to whiten teeth naturally. Eating orange can wear away the stains from the enamel and makes teeth whiter. But, take them in moderation as they can cause teeth sensitivity. The white part of the orange skin contains d-limonene which also helps to remove stains from teeth. Just rub the white part of the orange peel on your teeth. Leave it for 3-4 minute. Then rinse with water thoroughly.


Though it seems raisins are bad for teeth but, eating raisins can also help in teeth whitening. Eating bran cereal with raisins can clean mouth faster. Chewing raisins stimulates the secretion of saliva which helps preventing formation of dental plaque, stains and cavities.


All of the above fruits will help you to whiten your teeth naturally. All of these work gently by removing surface stains from teeth and prevent teeth discoloration. These fruits are not only good for your teeth, these are also good for your overall health. You should give a try if you want a bright smile. They will not instantly make your teeth white but, will do it gradually and keep your teeth healthy and strong.

How to Choose Baby Equipment

Yey, new baby on the way! What a great feeling!  But tensed because you still haven’t made any preparation to welcome your new family member?

Just because you don’t know how to pick baby equipment! Don’t worry, we can give you some tips!

  1. Look for a Bassinet

Yes, the first thing you need to consider buying is a bassinet. Because after baby’s birth, you have to put her on her back somewhere and you need a bassinet for this purpose. When looking for a bassinet, make sure there’s enough room for baby to spread her arms and legs. The walls shouldn’t be a source of suffocation. And it should have a good support on baby’s back.

  1. Towels

Towels are obviously needed after baby’s birth, to clean her and wrap her around. Don’t go for a fancy attire, give convenience your full priority. The towel should be soft and gentle on baby’s skin. And it should be made of such fabric that is convenient for a newborn.

  1. Clothing

You’ll need some good clothes for your newborn. Well, since the baby was in the womb for nine months, she requires same kind of warmth here too at first. Later her body will adjust gradually. But for the first part, choose clothes that will provide the warmth the newborn needs. In this case, go with pajamas, onesies, stretch suits, socks and hats. These things will be enough for a baby born in summer, spring or fall.

But in winter, since the temperature is very low, only these things won’t do. If you’re having a winter baby, look for some sweatshirts and blanket sleepers as well.

For summer, must have some cotton clothes. Because after adjusting to the room temperature, sometimes the baby will need to be dressed lightly. Otherwise she will feel uncomfortable, will sweat and rash can occur as well.

  1. Crib

Instead of bassinets, some people prefer to keep the baby in the crib from the very first day. If you’re willing to do the same, then you shall. When you’re choosing a crib, you must focus on its construction.

Because a crib must be strongly constructed to support the baby. It should be also spacious enough for a growing baby and playing convenience.

  1. Bedding

Well, a piece of ‘furniture’ isn’t enough for baby’s sleep. A proper bedding is also required. Choose soft mattress for baby’s back. There should be soft pillow for baby’s head and light but warm blanket.

  1. Feeding Equipment

Another important thing in baby’s life: feeding equipment. Because baby has only two works to do every day, eating and sleeping. You must bring a support pillow for breast feeding, a feeding bottle and breast milk pump for feeding convenience. The pillow must be soft but strong enough to support baby’s neck. The bottle and pump should be made from non-toxic materials.

  1. Playpen

When your baby will learn to move her arms and legs, eventually she’ll try to move and play. But many accidents can occur during her playtime and it won’t be possible for you to always keep an eye on her.

To avoid the risks, you must put her in a playpen when she is woke. The playpen should be well constructed and made of stiff materials. Also, it must come with a good support.

  1. Carriage

You’ll need a carriage to take your baby places. Three things you should focus on while selecting: Its bottom has to be very strong, the handle has to be tear-resistant and the inside must be comfortable for the baby.

  1. Stroller

When you’re shopping for a stroller, you must look forward to these stuffs: the strolling function should be smooth, it must provide with a good support, the inside will be comfortable, will have a good hood and feature pockets for carrying necessary stuffs.

  1. High Chair

High chair will be needed in couple of months after baby’s birth. Buy a high chair that can provide strong support to your baby’s back, should have a durable food tray and will have necessary safety features for baby’s protection.

  1. Nourishing Products

For baby’s skin nourishment, some products have to be bought. These products are baby soap, baby shampoo, lotion, ointment and baby oil. Only buy the products that are clinically certified and suggested by experts.

How to sharpen a knife with a stone

How to sharpen a knife with a stone

Can you imagine your kitchen without a knife? I think it’s absurd to think of it. It is an essential context of the kitchen and is necessary for chopping vegetables. Not only chopping but also in many other works there need to sharpen knives. And what if you can sharpen your working knife by sitting in your home only with a stone? That’s a good decision if you make so because it saves your time and costs nothing.

If knife’s not sharp enough, then you can face problems when working. That happens because you need to apply force for cutting and that’s disturbing. You can choose the Top Best kitchen knife for your kitchen, but the sharpness can’t always be the same. So why to throw this out! Just sharp with a knife in a right process and use it longer.

Step-1: Buying knife sharpening stone

First, decide what and which type of stone you will be necessary.

  • Diamond abrasive stone should be the first choice because it is hardest and will need less effort to sharp.
  • If you choose ceramic, then you are to effort more than diamond abrasive. But not more than other materials.
  • Hard stone is a popular idea, but it will take longer time.

Then look into the coarseness of stone. Fine, medium and rough – these three types you can choose.

  • If your knife is not too dull then use medium or fine stone
  • And if your knife is dull then use rough stone and then a fine stone

Step-2: Practicing sharpening angle

Know the angle at which you will hold the knife to the sharpening stone. A 20-degree angle is suitable. When you are using a coarse stone, use shallower angle. Coarse stone shaves more than fine or medium grit ones. So if you don’t want to alleviate knife width, a shallower angle is better. Fine and medium stones shave less so 20-degree angle is okay.

Practice this to maintain the 20-degree angle. What makes the best and sharp knife edge is the consistency of stroke. If you are facing problem for maintaining 20-degree then first, hold the knife at 45-degree. And then adjust your hand at half of 45-degree. Then readjust again. You can select the best angle only by practicing.

Step-3: Determining the liquid (if need)

The stone you have bought; it has some working directions where there is indicated that if that needs oil or water.

  • Sharpening stone requires oil for removing the fillings of stone or metal which produce during working. Some modern stones do not need any liquid or oil.
  • Diamond and water stones use water, India and Arkansas stones use oil. Spray a little on these stones for lubrication.

Step-4: Sharpening the knife

  • Place the stone on the table at a higher counter. So you can move your arm when sharpening.
  • Put the knife against the stone, and it should be at the edge of the stone. Adjust the angle. Strokes should be parallel to your body.
  • Entire knife edge has to hit the stone.
  • Making curve, sweep across the stone.
  • Stroke until it forms burr at the opposite side of the knife.
  • Then sharp another side.
  • Move on a fine stone. Repeat the whole process. Use bigger angle. You can also use rough stone for this reason. This will eliminate the burr.
  • Finally, test the knife by cutting something. And then clean it.

Final verdict

The knife is the material of kitchen which is mostly used, so you cannot buy it very often. If you can improve the sharpness condition only by using a stone, then it is a better solution for you. Now, you know the procedure and also can apply. So why to throw your knife in the bin thinking it useless! Make the knife work only with a stone when it is too easy.

Types of cameras for Photography

There are many different kinds of camera in the market. Before buying a new camera, everybody faces a common question. Which one is the best camera? What type of camera should I buy? Before getting to that first, you have to ask yourself what type of photography you are going to do. Different photography prefers different category.

There are many types of cameras according to the user perspective. But there are three basic types of camera in the market. Let’s take a short review of each of the kinds.

Types of cameras for Photography

Digital SLR cameras: Digital SLR cameras are the most advanced and versatile type of camera nowadays. Since 90’s, these cameras become the first choice of all level of Photographers. There are many companies like Nikon, Canon etc camera brands in the market.

You can use automatic mode to take your shot. In which the camera will decide the composition. But the main feature is you can also take photos in fully manual mode. Where you can manipulate the aperture, shutter speed & ISO as you want.

These cameras come with a wide range of lenses for different photography. From 18mm wide-angle portraits to telephoto. All you need is to change your lens. Unlike other cameras, it allows you to take control of your photos.

  • Pros
  1. Wide range of lenses
  2. Excellent image quality
  3. Creative features
  4. Available for all level of photographers
  5. Most DSLR cameras have HD video recording compatibility
  • Cons
  1. These kind of lenses are comparatively heavy
  2. Little expensive than other cameras

Types of cameras for Photography 1

Mirrorless cameras: The Mirrorless cameras are lighter and more compact hybrid version of DSLR cameras. Which came into play in around 2008. The concept of a Mirrorless camera is to remove the bulky mirror and pentaprism. Which actually function the viewfinder. This removal results in the camera being more compact and smaller in size than a DSLR camera. But keeps almost all other capabilities of a DSLR camera.

The Mirrorless camera has a large sensor and interchangeable lenses. These cameras are more compact and have much lower cost than a Digital SLR camera. Nowadays, professional photographers are also showing their interest in Mirrorless cameras. The silent shutter feature of these cameras allows you to take shots of your subject more quietly and explore more and more.

  • Pros
  1. These cameras have image quality as good as a DSLR camera
  2. More compact and lighter weight
  3. Silent shutter
  4. Interchangeable lenses
  • Cons
  1. Some Mirrorless cameras don’t have viewfinder
  2. Autofocus mode is not as fast and good as a DSLR camera
  3. Slight lag between the view in LCD and the subject

Types of cameras

Compact digital cameras: Compact cameras are generally called as “Point and shoot” cameras. These cameras have fixed lenses. There are millions models of cameras in the market. These cameras aren’t made for photographers actually. These are more like general peoples camera. It’s hard to distinguish which camera will give you the better quality than the others.

These cameras are very cheap and small. Can be carried in a pocket. Its sensors are very small compared to other cameras. The main disadvantage of these cameras are the low light shooting ability and not allowing to manipulate shutter speed, aperture and ISO. These cameras give too much noise in low light. But on the bright side, these cameras have a digital zooming system, which can be very helpful compared to other cameras. And another advantage is that anyone can shoot with these cameras without having any knowledge about photography. Manufacturers, Nikon, Canon has launched some top notch cameras like Nikon Cooplix or Canon Powershot etc which are really awesome for taking photos.

Digital Camera

  • Pros
  1. Very cheap and light weight
  2. Can be used without any photographic knowledge
  3. Very powerful digital zooming ability
  4. Small size
  5. Has an HD video recording compatibility
  • Cons
  1. Photo quality is not as good compared to a DSLR or a Mirror less camera
  2. Fixed lens

How to Shave Your Head Properly

Are you suffering from the inferiority complex that you are going to be a bald soon? Or all your hair are falling apart? Or you are feeling uncomfortable in the boiling sun of summer? Don’t pay any heed to anybody or don’t think twice. Just shave your head to get rid of these problems. There are many ways to shave your head. In the market different types of devices are available. You can use best electric shaver for head to shave it properly without any difficulties. Shaved heads are the new fashion of modern days. So, don’t hesitate and shave your head with proper care.

What common mistakes do people make while shaving head?

Head shaving is a delicate thing, and most of the people make silly mistakes while shaving their head. Mainly people make errors in several stages of shaving their head. Firstly they choose bad razors or dangerous blades which result in the cut. Moreover, they don’t treat the scalp as it is more sensitive than the facial skin. After shaving the head, the rub it which is very wrong and also forgets to use the aftershave.

How can you shave your head properly?

  • Get all things prepared
    To shave your head Firstly, you need to get all the things required. Things necessary for shaving head are blades, a good razor, shaving lubricant or foams, hot water, cold water, towel and all the first important things. If you have a friend to do it or if you want to do all by yourself then decide it and proceed according to it. Then prepare your bathroom and get ready to have a shave.


  • Wet your head
    After getting all things ready, wet your hair. Have a shower if you can see which will make your hair soft as well as your scalp. Moreover, it will be much easier for your razor if the scalp and hair are soft. It will reduce the chances of razor bumps or ingrown hair.


  • Apply shaving lubricant
    After wetting your hair with hot water, apply shaving lubricant in your head. Rub your head thoroughly with shaving oil and keep it near.


  • Start from front
    Always start shaving from the front of your head. In the front side, hairs are thinner, and these hair are easy to shave. Be steady and stroke it firmly. Give enough pressure to ensure a close shave. Rinse the blade to remove water as often as possible.


  • Look for sides too
    Start upward from your neck to shave off the sides. Be careful while shaving around the ears behind of ears. Hold your ears with one hand to get rid of getting nicks with the razor.


  • Shaving back of the head:
    It’s one of the toughest jobs as you cannot see the back of your head by steady and start from the neck to reach the top of your head. Allow the razor to do its job smoothly. Finally, use a mirror and check the progress. Use necessary shaving cream or oil to finish it up.


  • Rinsing and Applying aftershave:
    The first thing after you finish with your razor is to wash your head. Rinse with cold water and look in the mirror at all sides. If you miss any spot, go over that quickly. Don’t go twice over your scalp. Use a moisturizing aftershave and protect your scalp.


Shaving your head is not that easy as it seems.By following steps described in the above, you can get a good shave of your head. With the help of proper things, you can easily avoid the common mistakes that people make while shaving their head. Moreover always try to avoid chemicals on your head which can damage your scalp. Keep a washcloth within your reach. It helps immensely to wipe off sweat, or shaving gel, cream, oil and keep your eyes free. So have a cut free shave off your head with proper care. Enjoy the fresh air on your scalp.