How to Whiten Teeth Naturally with Fruits

From over the counter to professional treatment, there are a lot of teeth whitening remedies are available. Few products are claimed to whiten teeth instantly which may contain harsh chemicals. Every chemical that is used to whiten teeth has their own side effects. Some of them cannot whiten all of your teeth homogenously, on the other hand, some may cause teeth sensitivity.

You definitely want to come out from this problem and is looking for a gentler way to get a bright smile. In that case, you can rely on natural remedies that will whiten your teeth and at the same time protect your teeth from any kind of harm.

There are many fruits and vegetables available around us that contain teeth whitening components. In this article, we have included few fruits and described about how to whiten teeth naturally with fruits. You may give a try yourself. Best Teeth Whitening Solution has some great teeth whitening products to whiten teeth instantly.


Apple is a crunchy fruit. And eating this fruit requires biting and a lot of chewing which gently scrubs away debris, stains and bacteria from mouth. Apple also contain malic acid that increases saliva and helps cleaning teeth and removing stains. So, try to eat an apple everyday.


Strawberry can whiten teeth naturally. It contains malic acid which can help to reduce the stain causing bacteria in your mouth and remove surface discoloration of teeth. Besides, the vitamin C of strawberries also aids in removing dental plaque.

To try this remedy, mash str5awberries into fine paste and then apply it to your teeth. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and then rinse. But, don’t forget to brush your teeth after using this remedy.


Pineapple naturally contains an enzyme named bromelain which has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties that helps removing plaque from the surface of the teeth. Bromelain is also used in many toothpastes as an effective ingredients for stain removing. Consuming pineapple regularly prevents tooth cavities and makes teeth brighter and healthier.


Citrus fruit like orange is also used to whiten teeth naturally. Eating orange can wear away the stains from the enamel and makes teeth whiter. But, take them in moderation as they can cause teeth sensitivity. The white part of the orange skin contains d-limonene which also helps to remove stains from teeth. Just rub the white part of the orange peel on your teeth. Leave it for 3-4 minute. Then rinse with water thoroughly.


Though it seems raisins are bad for teeth but, eating raisins can also help in teeth whitening. Eating bran cereal with raisins can clean mouth faster. Chewing raisins stimulates the secretion of saliva which helps preventing formation of dental plaque, stains and cavities.


All of the above fruits will help you to whiten your teeth naturally. All of these work gently by removing surface stains from teeth and prevent teeth discoloration. These fruits are not only good for your teeth, these are also good for your overall health. You should give a try if you want a bright smile. They will not instantly make your teeth white but, will do it gradually and keep your teeth healthy and strong.

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